December 15th, 2004

2013, cyd, new

scifi on CD

more accurately, reflected in my CD wall
none of the pictures i took captured it perfectly, but this one is the best of the bunch and i'm rather fond of it

2013, cyd, new

completed special order

with special orders, the possibilities are endless, i have every kind of poplular bead and natural stone and charm available to me. i can also do gold if silver is not your thing. so i'm going to be showing the special orders to give you a hint of what i can do. this is a rather simple design, focusing on the colors and the silver rose accents.

leslie, what do you think of it?

tomorrow is waiting day. so those waiting on something will be treated to it in a couple of days.

here are a couple pair of earrings i made today, "pink ice" and "purple treat"