December 2nd, 2004

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toys for tots, but what for teens?

my fave local station is doing a call in thing to gather money to buy the 500+ teenaged foster children in the county gift certificates. i think that rocks. i hope doc doesn't find out i donated $10 (not much, but what i had), though he'd feel better about that than renewing my lj account, which is way low on the list of my priorities. basically i gave up the necklace i was going to make for myself, which is good, because i really don't wear necklaces, except a couple, and so it would ultimately be a waste.

that is just so cool. teens tend not to go to the sponsored christmas parties, only toys are given out and it is an akward age to be at and be in that situation. gift certificates to barnes and noble and other such places is just such a fabulous idea.

i've also gathered some canned food for the local school's food drive. some of the kids here don't suck and we save labels for them and other nonsense. it is a great way to clear out your pantry, and figure out what you have and what you need and what you have to finally admitt the kids are just not going to eat. and it's always nice to throw in a couple cans of pumkin pie filling when they are half off.

there is always something that you can give. we have furniture in good repair that we don't want, so it will go out to the dumpster, it is an unwritten thing that undamaged stuff stays out of the dumpster, sits next to it until someone who can use it comes along.

i've been thinking all day about what i could do. i have some stuffed animals as always that i'm giving away. maybe i can find a book drive, i have all those books just sitting in boxes that don't interest me. i also have some office supplies to donate to a local women's shelter. i've been separating it all, into boxes and marking it, so when all the charity drives over the holidays came, i could easily get the stuff where it was needed. it will be more difficult without a car, but i'll figure it out.

lucky, for gifts, for doc's family, there is the jewelry. for my sister, i don't know. what do you get a girl who lives among alligators, besides steel lined wellys? maybe i can finally finish her wand. i've cleansed it, blessed it . . . readied it. now i just need to decorate it.

this year i have more to give to those who have less than i do to give to my friends.

wow, i have something to give. that right there is a whole . . . thing.