December 1st, 2004

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you know how i feel about my cats

i love them more than life
when i had a dog, we accidentally poisoned him by using a pet product properly
this has just happened to a friend's cat,
but she apparently used a much more popular and distributed product
(the one we used was supposedly "organic" and perfectly safe, be careful)
but before you buy a a Hats product, please go here first

and since we know you have access to the web
please research ANY product you plan to buy over the counter for your pets
their OTC products are not at all subjected to the high standards our own medication does
and a loss of a pet to most of the people i know is just as devastating as the loss of a family member

please also, for me, research pet toy makers as well rawhide from asia can kill your dog
cheaply made toys can come apart and may not be filled with good things
again, this isn't regulated by the government, so you need to be educated and aware.

thus ends my pet care public service announcement