Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cam time is over. doc will be home in an hour and i don't want him to feel uncomfortable and i'm not doing anything of interest. just reading lj. i have trillian open but no one seems to be online.

i have the book of collage doom under a bunch of stuff so the glue cures attached to things it should be.

i haven't checked my newly painted desk yet today. i need to do that, i think it needs three days at least to cure. then the surface should be just about impenetrable.

i went through so many cam applications today. right now i'm using CoffeeCup Webcam software. i like it. i have another one to try as well. the problem with my beloved chillcam is that the preview function doesn't work for long on this computer. like i said, this computer is full. i blame everything on that right now. when my 30 day trial runs out i'll take it off and try conquercam for its 30 days. after that i'll have to find a way to deal with chillcam.

i just realized that i had enough room to work at my table even with the computer and keyboard on it. cool. i've done it before, too. when i made that bracelet. and when i took pictures of the new jewelry for ebay.

i should go make things look like i did something today bedsides gluiing things together.

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