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the dollars blew away and
we played in the sun like children

i will post four million times today and not say one word of value. i can see it now. like looking into the future.

i have a book i can alter. i tore a bunch of pages out of it yesterday, now it is just begging to be altered more. and i really do want to fuck it up, i hated the book when i read it. i was warned against it too late. the only consolation, besides having the book to alter, is that i read it in only two days during a summer reading fest. so i didn't spend a lot of time on it.

what book is it? "Weaveworld" by clive barker. friends don't let friends read it. i mean really, you think i'm self indulgent and into masturbatory writing of nothing . . . well barker got it published. to me that makes it worse. oog.

but with his flowery prose in this it will be easy to find things on the page to inspire alteration. i wonder where all of my collage stuff is. i put it away. before the ECT. now i don't remember where it is. this blows. i'll find it. i have to. i am bored stupid.
Tags: altered book

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