Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


okay, what an afternoon. i put clear contact paper over the orange paper on the keyboard shelf. then i painted the desktop black, badly, because the paint was all thick. always put your paint lids on well. i left all sorts of brushmarks and there are parts where the desk is barely peeking through, but the part that was all messed up is well covered and beautiful. that's the part of the desk where nothing is, drinks and packs of smokes go there.

then i found this gallon can of indoor/outdoor varnish and put that over the black. i may do a second coat but i don't think i will. i still want to spray paint it blue, that will tie in with the orange to the colors of my bed set. but that can wait until i go over my plan with doc and see if he has any objections or suggestions. i'm much safer that way. i don't make decisions well, still.

i'm wondering if i can just trade the hard drive out on this dell. put the 80 gig in and install windows xp. it's an intel celeron with 254 mg of ram. i'm really tempted. i have to format the 20 gig hard drive i got last night. it has 20 partitions on it. those have got to go. then i'm not sure what i will do with that. i guess just keep it around. i hate dell, i have to say that. i can't complain about the computer, it was a dumpster dive treasure that came with a sweet monitor. but my need to play inside of computers and change things is thwarted by dell and i hate them for it.

enough, it is doing it's job, this dell. the hard drive is full and i can't play sims anymore, but i can get my email and bitch and moan in here. so really there isn't much to bitch and moan about. i can put the 80 gig on the other machine. i can use that machine to format that drive, though i don't know how. i'm sure i could look it up. i should just relax about my data. my website is online, so i have a copy there. the manuscript was sent to someone, so there is a copy of it there. hopefully. i should be playing online and enjoying my pentium 3 speed. well, my desk needs a couple of days to dry.

if i get one of the pentium 4 boards and need the power source with the blue lights, i am definitely cutting holes of some sort in the case of my computer. i may even do it with the P3 i've got. i can get a light to put inside, i'm told. i have to go to the mythical Fry's or Frye's, i'm not sure. but i hear marvelous things about it and the power source with the two lights came from there. hee.

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