Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

more on cofusion

the memory pictures come back slowly, as i do things i remember them. thus the confusion, if anything goes differently than i expect, things go a little wonky. my thoughts start to spin and my mind comes up with worst case scenario scenes and eventually gets to the realistic stuff but can no longer tell the difference.

someone who is working on the manuscript made the comment that the narrative is very stream of conciousness. and i realized that is the only way i know how to write. whether or not i can make it work for me in the manuscript is left to be seen. he has also suggested a fairly big change that i wanted to work on today but i took my morning meds late and am in the grips of an anxiety attack just from looking at the manuscript.

i did manage to add some record cover boxes and a book or two to ebay, but again, my thoughts were whirling and i couldnn't get into the swing of it and kept making little mistakes. but that's twenty new items in two days, plus the low prices on kam316's paintings.

i had an idea for her smaller paintings, like the ones in yesterdays picture, they would make great book covers! i need to remember to tell her that.

oh, cool, thunderstorm warnings. that explains why the blinds are kind of open and it's still dark in here. cool.
Tags: memory

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