Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just made a bracelet. then i took pictures of it and two necklaces i made. i'm not very happy with any of the pictures but i plan to put them on ebay tomorrow.

i ran back and forth between the computers today uninstalling and reinstalling all manner of software.

doc and i are procrastinators, as you may have gathered from our misadventures. so we have a few cards from holidays past that were intended for his parents. so i had the idea today to fill out all those cards and send them all in a big envelope along with the thank you note i'm writing to them and the pictures they have been requesting.

doc thinks this is one of my more insane ideas. i think it is cute and i think his parents would get a kick out of it.

i have sent my manuscript out into the ether to be scowled upon or laughed at. i have more strength than i thought. i wouldn't have thought i could write a book, short or otherwise. so i'm really open to hearing it is of poor quality or beyond repair. though of course no one wants to hear that, but it wouldn't crush my fragile little world.

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