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the manuscript

does anyone want to read a copy of the manuscript and tear it apart? there isn't much yet to tear at, the journals stay the way they are and they are half the book, so they don't even need to be bothered with. i've got a PDF and a Word doc version.

i also need a title for this silly thing. "at the hospital" just doesn't do it for me (it's my working title so i had something to name the files).

for those who haven't read the novella of the past journals, the book starts with me getting ready to go to the hospital, then goes to me in the hospital, the ECT, and the return home. i need it proofread by someone not me so i can get an idea of what i left out or what i could add to make the experience more real to the reader. it ends with the journals of the entire time that is written about. i'm not sure if i should reiterate what is in the journals in the narration part, or to what extent i should repeat.

isn't this what editors are for? i know some people who will do this for a fee, but i don't have a fee. i might be able to swing a signed copy of it to the person who comes up with a title for it. i can't do signed copies for everyone who reads it. hell, i still don't have a copy of my poetry book that is up on

now i'm just rambling, but if you'd like to proofread about 20 pages of a book, let me know your email addy and which format you'd like it in, PDF or doc.

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