Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


another day of stream of consciousness? Perhaps. I love spellcheck.

Today’s goals are to not get sick like yesterday and to clean the kitchen. I may also clean the part of my room I can see from here and try to install a soundcard into the other machine. I’m told I know how to do it. I also need to hook up the other printer on that machine.

I got the journal entries transcribed into the manuscript. I also edited what I had written to synch up with the journal entries. Mostly wrong day stuff. Then I added some stuff to the main part. One chapter is done but for a final edit. The ECT section is written out and ready for more information to be added. The main part of it, the day to day needs a whole lot more and will be added to as I remember things. It will be put into some order later during editing.
Once I get online I can get my journals from when I came home and had my last treatment and fill in the “coming home” section.

So instead of chapters, I’ll have sections: getting to the hospital, at the hospital, ECT, coming home, and journal entries. So far I have a meager 13 pages, but I can bulk that up with the online journal entries and the information they contain. Very important is the coming home section because none of the books I’ve read on hospitalizations don’t deal much or at all with the assimilation back into one’s regular life. So I really want to be detailed about that. Especially because it seemed so rough this time.

I’ve been wasting time today with Mah Jong. Instead of writing or eating or the other things I could be doing, like the ones I listed above. Instead of so many things, like making the pearl and ivory necklace I thought up while sitting here. It seems my stuff is very well organized and marked. So I really have no excuse not to make it. I’ve even been getting really good pictures on the new camera, so I could take pictures of all the jewelry that isn’t on ebay and have them ready for when I get the internet back.

And I sit here playing a meaningless game. Though it is fun and tests my brain so that is a good thing, I suppose.

I made potato pancakes for dinner. Even made enough for Doc, when he gets home from work.

I noticed I have very dark circles under my eyes. The kitchen light is not good to me.

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