Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

wow, that was one restful night. two cats are fighting at my feet. spot did something cute. there is a birthday cake in the fridge, so i wonder what all i missed last night. i went to bed around 5pm.

so i guess we're celebrating my birthday tonight when doc gets home from work. that makes things suck a whole lot less.

we were talking yesterday and i mentioned it was three days until the fateful doctor's appointment and i asked him (more to confirm than anything else) if i should pack a bag and take it with me in case i have to go to the hospital from there, if i have to go. he looked like i had just slapped his mother. he was so hurt and didn't want to think about it. neither do i, but i don't want to be stuck in a hospital with no clean underwear. and he can't get a bag to me, so the smart thing to do would be to pack a small bag.

so no more discussion about it, i'll just do it and hope i don't have to use it.

cuz i feel pretty darn good right now. fresh new day and all that, i don't even hate that it's a sunday. frankly it could be sunday for a few more days, to put off tuesday. but maybe i'll be feeling good and maybe everything will be okay. even if i have to go away for a few days, it will be what i need, if i need it. i don't have blue hair and that is a plus. it made me a target, never go into a mental hospital with crazy hair. it puts a bullseye right on your back. i learned my lesson. no teddy bears, either.

i found out my addition with the wage garnishment was all wrong. we only have 3-4 weeks until it is over. if doc keeps working overtime, it will be even less, since they take a percentage and not a fixed amount. so this torture is almost over and doc will be a legal driver in a month. then we can finally get the money to have the car fixed and we'll be well on our way to something. oh yeah, insurance payments, hee.

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