Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i am defeated

beaten by the phobias of one little 28 pound cat (he's little compared to me). henry is afraid to go through the door now (since his getting stuck in the door incident of the other night) and i fear he is making himself sick (or leaving us treasures i've not yet found) by not going through the door to the litterbox. so my long time fight to keep a litter box out of the house is finally beaten.

it will start with the only spare box i have, a small one. in the entry way so it gets changed all the time. with a mat under it so the litter doens't go everywhere. in three months when the wage garnishment is finally over and we've been able to catch up financially (i know credit card debt is bad, but one would sure come in handy about now: groceries or bills - yummy), i'll be able to pick up a litterbox with a lid on it for in here that won't be such an eyesore.

Since R stopped coming around, no one else really comes over, so i don't really have to worry about impressing anyone. just keeping it clean so i don't go insane with the smell. and we will be buying an odor free litter for in here just as soon as we are financially able. that is one thing i will not compromise on.

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