Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mood modification

i woke up in a bad mood so i decided to turn it around before doc wakes up. so far it is working fairly well. i've been curled up on the bed with the cats watching the Fifth Element. i can just close y eyes and listen to it, i know it so well by now.

i've been trying to think of other movies that would be good overnight movies. the farscape finale loses because it is too explosive-y and loud at points. plus if you wake up when someone is dying, it sucks for the next dream you have. it has to have a happy soundtrack and pleasant voices. i think it is the soundtrack of Fifth Element that makes it so good overnight.

so i was thinking Star Wars. i love the score and the voices and dialogue are familiar to me. so i'll wait until september to find out. that's when they are releasing the original, in theater versions of the first trilogy. i like the remade versions, i do, but it's the nostalgia thing, baby.

Spot is taking very slowly to hand training. today when we get some fresh veggies, i plan to start weaning her onto those (you have to introduce veggies slowly to a hamster or you could throw off the whole digestive system) by making her take them from my hand. she is to the point where i can have my hand in the cage and she will ignore it, so she doesn't think it is the sworn enemy anymore . . . now i need her to interract with the hand on a positive level. other than that her sleep schedule has balanced out so she's up from dusk til dawn now and not up so much during the day. well balanced hamster. =}

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