Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it is so cool to see lj and real life friends in a family way. to read about new lives and families growing is really just neato. one child has just discovered his feet, one lj friend and one real life friend are expecting, soonish. it's really exciting and hope giving. good people should have children and it ups my hope and faith in humanity when i see that happening.

and on the other hand i think of all the adults who ever told me i'd change my mind and have lots of kids and laugh until i feel lightheaded. my gene pool is over chlorinated and even with the help of doc's genes, it would be no good. too many things i can pass on. plus i'm too selfish and any number of other reasons.

but that doesn't mean i'm anti-procreation. i fear children, but i don't hate them. i find them rather cute and infants are a weakness for me. i love how small and perfect they are. all full of potential and ability to be loved and spoiled. so cute.

i have no real way to sum this up, since it isn't a term paper, i didn't think that far ahead. i was just sipping my slim fast and started thinking about L and how i haven't heard from her and should really email her. she's expecting. and that just got me on a roll. =}

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