Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

aside from the low and high of the hamster saga, i've been on a pretty even keel lately. in a bit of a slump, but not really low.

my creativity still only extends as far as decorating Sims houses. but i'm not as worried about it anymore. it will come back. i don't believe that medication strips the insane of their muses. unless you're talking about thorazine or the heavy meds that strip one of any animation, then that's a different story. but not the meds i'm on. maybe i created out of a frustration or need that i no longer feel because of my medications. and maybe that need and frustration are gone, but there is other passion to drive me and i've not lacked inspiration. just follow through.

at least i've been writing my poetry. i guess that's how i really know that i haven't lost "it". i can write and i like most of what i've come up with, and the stuff i don't like at least teaches me something about myself.

anyone know of that program that converts your journal to a PDF you can then download? i had the information and can't find it now. i wouldn't even think of printing it out, but i would like to be able to go through it online or not. there's 6 years of stuff in here now. i should save some of it, just in case. that is a lot of words to lose.

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