Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


yeah, i just made up a word. well, i made it up today to describe how i felt when i realized the only thing keeping me from installing my 80 gig hard drive is one of those little plastic pins that goes on the back. a wee bit of plastic. flurfle.

jack is bored and so am i. i've done computer stuff all day. starting with cleaning off the hard drive on Yggy (egg-ie) and uninstalling the sims, which wasn't working because it was overloaded with user objects. i'm starting clean with things from only and a few treasured cheat items for luxury. in the meantime i am waiting the fourteen days it takes to get the sims user stuff onto Yggy from Damian (my usual computer).

i still don't know why i cannot make Yggy recognize Damien, Damien sees Yggy just fine. and yeah, all the drives are shared. the only thing i can access on both is the shared folders folder, good for getting things one to the other for small stuff. i'm starting to wish i had just burned a CD of the sims stuff and transferred it over that way. hee.
Tags: geek

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