Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i went out and got Boo new seed mix. he loves it. he wouldn't touch seed mix four weeks ago. i also got him some dog biscuits and seed sticks, since they were on sale and he seems to like them. he's now eaten himself to sleep and doesn't even know what is hidden on the lower level of the cage yet. hee.

i have finished my to do list but for one thing. the kitchen. 20 minutes out of my life. so i'm putting it off a little. no harm there.

my attitude change seems to be sticking. i'm trying every day to be a stronger person than the day before. i'm actively trying to get better, not just relying on the meds to do everything. and i am starting to believe for the first time that really is the key. i just didn't really change my attitude in the past, i merely talked about it a lot and hoped for the best. kicking my own ass into gear is definitely for me.

now if i could just get myself to eat or drink the slimfast. i swear i am the fattest anorexic in exsistence.

and what is the thing that makes me able to stand back from some of my stranger behaviors and laugh at them, but not able to change them? it started months ago, i started throwing one ice cube into the sink each time i got ice. a couple of weeks ago i noticed i was saying "good luck" to myself when i did it and one night i didn't do it at all and i had to get back up and get an ice cube and throw it in the sink. and i laughed at myself as i was doing it. but i wasn't able to get the bad vibe out of my head until i threw the cube in the sink. i'm getting plain silly.

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