Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the usual mundane crap

last night was happy crazy. doc and i broke out the star wars monopoly game we got 6 years ago and played it. in the middle R came over and hung out and talked for a while and we played while we talked and laughed and then after R left, realized we had, at some point, started playing the other's piece.

it's hard to explain without run on sentences with horrid punctuation. and maybe you had to be there. i love board games and am lucky enough to have fun people to play them with. tripper and i used to have the best time playing star wars trivial pursuit.

today R is helping me run errands. i have to send off a box of camel cash and some ebay stuff and get cat food before the cats run out and are traumatized by the imbalance in the precious habitat. yeah. i should also give the sacred hamster some salad stuff to munch on. he has good days and bleh days. the fur has grown back on much of his stomach and the main wound is shrinking. we finally figured out he was using fluff as band aids for it and saw him change them a couple of times. cute, and resourceful, i like that in a fluffball.
Tags: games

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