Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i paid the rent and wrote a poem and started another poem, i'm stuck on a metaphor right now. i'm pretty pleased with myself. and i have a little more perspective. i should have tried this sooner. not only haven't i lost my ability to write as powerfully as i have in the past, but it helps me work through things. um, duh.

i really have lost my mind, i mean past tense. i have to gather it all up again and smoosh it back in because it isn't all here anymore. i swear to that.

the second poem was inspired by, and the first two lines are from a verbal "narf"* from a news guy on CNN. they talk so much they get ahead of themselves and lose track of time. usually it just amuses me, this time i used it as my bitch to get some words on the paper.

i have to stop this new habit i have of trying to end everything on an upbeat note, i almost ruined the first piece that way. it's a good practice for most things, like dealing with people, but you don't have to be so nice to a poem, you can tell a poem to fuck off and it will still be there on the paper waiting for you to come back or not, whatever you want. with poems, you are the boss.

*a narf is a mistake, usually verbal (it can be simply a mangling of words together or a slip of the tongue); a physical narf must involve the shattering of bones, this is not a word to be used lightly outside the verbal arena. the story behind it is too long and ends up making no sense without copious amounts of drugs, but i still use the word all the time

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