Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

call me Squid

i dreamt this morning that the fine we are paying off was over a million dollars and woke in a cold sweat. some mornings are just this way. my brain will find any excuse to worry itself into a frenzy.

there is only one piece of rug in this place that hasn't been steam cleaned. i think i'll fix that issue today.

the half off ebay sale is finally working. steadily i am reducing inventory. i need to go to the post office today and mail things out. i think i should start mentioning in my listings that almost a third of my feedback is repeat business. i'll do that with the new batch of inventory. which reminds me i need to take some pictures of stuff today. i'm makiing grocery money, that matters to me. of course i only eat slim fast shakes and the odd mac and cheese dinner . . . but that stuff is paid for, baby! by the fruit of my creativity. that is just the coolest feeling.

by the way, if you play The Sims and are always looking for nice user objects, i'd like to suggest . . . much free stuff and it is all coordinated and different from the usual user objects. they also do Sims2 stuff, but i've never checked it out.

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