Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i'm going stupid. i thought i had a cigarette in my hands when i started . . . no, i put that out. or did i? i hate it when i do this, it may lead to me quitting smoking cigarettes altogether.

something that sucks about a clean house: when something is not where it should be, you know it is gone. no amount of searching or going into the room again and again is going to put it back there. in question is a bottle of xanax, which i have to assume was moved by doc. because i can't find it. this is not the right time for me not to be able to find it. once every couple of days, time is up. i'll live. at least i'm not in full panic mode or something worse than the nagging unease and focused twitching.

damned if i don't keep looking over to the place it should be. i have to get out of this room. if i'm going to keep looking like this i may as well get a few laps from the living room out of it. hee.

ETA: found the bottle. it was moved. i still haven't remembered the details of the cigarette, though i have double checked every ashtray in the house as i will only put my smokes in ashtrays and not along the edges of things. i guess i just smoked less than i thought i did. hee again.
Tags: head case

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