Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

of Boo

R made me talk to her vet about Boo's boo-boo. she (the vet) talked me through a cleaning that revealed very little wound and more bedding than anything. she told me the bad things to look for and i was sent on my way. i'll definitely be taking the cats to her in the future.

so, while Boo is a Very Old Hamster, in hamster terms, he is a healthy hamster with a bit of a scratch on his tummy.

on closer inspection of his old cage i noticed fur on the wheel. this must have been the fur that came off his belly while trying to run the wheel once it broke, the abrasion is likely from the same thing. since it is so shallow and small.

he just got recycled paper bedding into it, the best thing if one plans to get anything in their wounds.

and just earlier today i made a post being all dreary and saying i wouldn't write about Boo anymore because i didn't want to be judged for not taking him to the vet. having talked to a vet, my conscience is much clearer.

so i'm glad he's doing better than i thought and i know now how well to clean him. probing with a qtip on the surface of the skin not such a bad thing after all.

now to make him a fresh salad for a treat. the peroxide never goes over well.

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