Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

of spanikopita and machines

my head is dead empty this morning. it is a very quiet and nice thing.

today i am making a huge batch of spanikopita for doc for work. i found my big stainless steel mixing bowl that will make it easy, and a natural paint brush i never opened or used for the brushing of the butter between layers of philo dough. so i'm really excited to cook today.

i may hook the cam back up for this (i have to hang a shelf for it in the studio) since i feel like the cam will be more incentive for me to get up to the weight room. okay, that isn't entirely true. i'm lonely. and the cam is a window in and i like it. now that i actually do stuff during the day, it is the perfect time to turn it back on. and it will be, more than anything else, incentive for me to be in the studio creating things.

i should also have doc help me put the 80 gig in the dell today. for a dumpster-dived find, that is a nice little machine now that i've upgraded the memory and video cards. once the slaved bigger hard drive is in, it will be sweeter than the one that was made and donated to me, known as the "one i use now". i don't name them anymore, the losses have been too great over the years. i've gotten too attatched. stupid machines. they just come in and let us let them take over our lives. smart machines. hee.

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