Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

of Boo and Jack

i have to iron today (never iron before the laundry is done, no no no) and go get smokes. i'm pretty sure which one i'll do first.

i brought home a little ivy plant yesterday and Jack tried to kill it last night. darling little kitty. so i got it replanted and up on the plant place in the living room that he can't get to. he just wants to kill anything new that comes into the house that doesn't get put away immediately. strange little kitty. he still isn't used to a small area rug i got not long after i got him. he wads it up and tries to drag it to christ knows where.

i've been watching Boo TV this morning. i cleaned out his condo and put fresh bedding in it again and cleaned him. again, the scab is moist and looks horrible, but it is clean, no peroxide bubbles. and he's active as all get out. he just won't run on the wheel because his fat tummy might bounce on it as he runs and make him squeal. so he's feeling well, even gave me a cuddle after i cleaned his tummy. though when he got back to his cleaned out cage and found out his stash was gone, he kind of had a hissy fit and threw all the feed i gave him down his toob to the bottom of the cage. so i gave him a piece of carrot and he's quieted down. who knew hamsters could be so entertaining?

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