Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

of errands and rodents

it rained this morning around 6. i know because i was up at 6:30 and everything was wet but no more rain came.

then R and i went out and ran errands for a couple of hours and then went to her mom's place and hung out. we're supposed to go on a picnic later, but i see the clouds are coming back again, so i don't know what is up with that. i like spending time with them, a high strung lot and very nice crowd.

Boo the hamster has an abraision on his tummy. he got it from the old cage a day before i got him the new one. so one of the things i got for him was fresh bedding. i have some, but i am changing it every other day and didn't want to run out. it's the nice, soft paper kind of bedding, i won't let my rodents have wood chips. so Boo has a boo boo. i took his cage out to the living room this morning and opened the roof on his new upper condo and let him tidy things up with standing room. then i made sure he had been drinking his water and held the bottle for him while he had more (he has trouble going through the toob to the bottom of the cage where the water is). then i got him a seed stick to chew on, which he is doing happily right now. i love my animals.

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