Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

car and other stuff

through the wonderfulness of R, a mechanic is going to look at the car and talk to me about it before we make a decision on what to do. there is a flush kit we could buy, but if the such and such needs to be replaced, we can save the money on the kit and know where we stand. this is a wonderful happening. plus the guy will, most likely, tow it to his shop and keep it until we have the money (which won't be long) to pay for the repair.

doc is shocked. i did all this, telling him along the way. but he didn't believe it would come about. i won't believe it until i talk to this guy. R is buying a truck from him and her roommate has gone to him for ever or something. anyway, i did something else to help. hee.

BSG blew me away last night. the first showing, i messed up the taping and pausing so we set it for the second showing and the tape cut off the end, to the dismay of tivo users everywhere and me. so monday night i'll watch it again and tape it. i don't even know what to think of the finale. they really could just end it there. but to have them continue on after the mindfuck of the finale, wow. i'll be impressed, if i'm still interested in october.

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