Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

to do today

vacuum around vents
vacuum doc's comforter
finish laundry
clean kitchen
sweep bathroom

there. that should keep me busy for a while. i have more time to fill in the last couple of days.

i realized today i could really have my drivers liscense by the end of this month. how cool is that? it all depends on how fast it takes for my replacement social security card to get here. that just blows me away.

we figured out next tuesday we're going to get the ride to the social security office, then take a cab up to the strip and walk for a while before catching a bus back here. or if any locals feel like doing a great deed and picking us up, there's gas money and breakfast in it for you. either way, i'm getting my card replaced!!!!!

i have to find out what i need and order a book for my DL today also. i know i'll have to take the written test. R says i can use her car to take the driven test if i have to take it. this is all so exciting! i can go out to bars again! not that i would do that all that much but it is a nice thing to have available to me if i feel like going out and seeing a mass of people.

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