Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the apartment complex tagged our car to be towed. so i went up to the office and requested they not do that and gave them a convincing line about my liscense expiring and not going out much so they told me to just move the car periodically.

so once it is dark, we're going to push it into another parking space. oy.

the whole thing is silly. it scares me that i don't remember getting a duplicate birth certificate. what the hell else of importance have i forgotten completely? and can i ever dig myself out of the hole i am in because i haven't been paying attention? we haven't even approached the taxes issue. i've not filed in more years than i will say. i've paid my taxes, overpaid mostly . . . i just haven't filed. so that has to be dealt with once i am a person on paper again in this state. i also need to apply for state aid.

and to those who think i am somehow playing the system by being on disability, i will say this just once more and in writing so you can refer back to it: i didn't even apply for disability, the social worker at the hospital did it. i went to an interview, that is all. when it came time for renewal, i filled out some paperwork truthfully and went to another interview. everything else was medical documentation. i am not some scam artist who found a way to float through life. try hanging onto your pride as you tell someone you are on a fixed income and notice the look you get. if you can handle that, bully for you. i can't. i'm not on welfare, i'm not working under the table. the money i make from what i sell on ebay is negligeable. really. $20 on a good month. i'm not trying to cheat anyone. and the moment i am stable enough to work full time again and pick up my career as a chef again, you'd better bet i will.

i was on top of the culinary game when this thing in my head took everything. i will have to start again at the bottom, but i will and i will gladly because that is my passion.

and thus ends this rant. for those of you, who are many, to whom this does not apply, please go on and have a great day. for anyone who does think this, bite my white swedish ass. hee.

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