Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

you would be amazed at how quickly four years of fear washes down the drain. i just took my first solo shower, no one else home, no one to sit with me, in four years. washed my hair and everything.

i can't believe i did it, i'm that much closer to normal. or fuck normal, i'm that much more functional.

i'm wearing white panties in a karmic effort to induce my period. if it doesn't happen soon, i'm going to have to revaluate my belief (or lack of) in immaculate conception. maybe i did have it this month, early and just forgot about it. oy. kind of like lighting a cigarette is the magic that makes the waitress finally bring the food out.

and my closet is half way done. and so far i haven't made much of a mess of my room. i've been throwing out most of what i find. purses. i had so many purses. i don't carry a purse. i carry a messenger bag. so you know those had to go. it has been ten years, i can do without them.

on to doing my hair and folding laundry.
Tags: head case

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