Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another bright morning

i have a stack of things to do outside of the house today. go to the post office and grocery store. then for a bit more interaction, i have some phone calls to make to make sure i've done all i can to help the insurance companies out.

and it looks like i'll have it done before noon. which is really weird.

i'm still at a place where 8-10 hours alone is not cool. so napping has come back into my life, though i have to put myself out to do it with allergy pills and xanax. but it kills a few hours i would normally be pacing and climbing the walls, so i'm cool with it.

maybe today i will crush doc's procrastination machine and either steam clean his bedroom carpet, or take the less amicable way out and just start on my room and bury my own bed. we'll see how it plays out. now that i have music in all rooms i don't really care what i am doing while listening.

tomorrow it is supposed to go back up to 70 outside. the last week has been seasonably cold, but only annoying at night. during the day i still keep the window open for fresh air.

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