Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

bear with me

i had a few thoughts on my walk, let's see how many i can get down.

what happens on the web may stay on the web for gods know how long, but it doesn't matter more than a half an hour later. there is no building a reputation to stand on, everything is moving too fast and there are too many people. if you want to keep their attention, you have to work for it.

i listen to music from my teens and twenties to build new memories to them so i can enjoy them without the flood of akwardness memories.

cyberspace, if used correctly, can be a better place to make friends and build relationships than the "real world". just look at my time with gwyll. and i never would have met her if it hadn't been for this here journal. and my friend jloopy, another local i would never have met that i really enjoy spending time with (though it has been a while, i'm just as socially inept in cyberspace as i am walking around).

i need to listen to more music. i may go for another walk just so i can. and i will definitely put it on while i clean in here.

and here is the joke i discovered this morning: my closet isn't the big bad clutter monster i thought it was. take a layer of laundry off and it is just this tiny room with a few boxes and some bulky stuff that had no other home. all this stress, and i'll have it done in a friggin day.

do you write like you talk, or do you write like you think? or are they all the same?

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