Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

ack! i didn't realize how dry the air had gotten, i was peeling like a snake this morning. a little aveeno fixed that up and the sheets are in the washer. i know we lose skin cells all the time but to see it is disturbing in a way.

doc and i have made up over yesterday. we talked about it and the lamictal may be making me too manic. so i'm cutting it back for a couple of weeks to see if i chill out. i'm so tightly wound.

today's job is to tackle the shop vac. i have to clean it out so i can use it on doc's bed before i put sheets on it. once the sheets are on it, you don't know how i will rejoice. i'm still quite giddy over yesterday's purging of useless documents.

soon . . . it will be my room's turn. then the studio.

i'm thinking of slashing all of my ebay prices by 40-50%, adding more stuff at the same low prices and having a "fix my car" sale. i need $350, worst case scenario. we still have to get it towed to whichever place is going to fix it, but i want the money so i can present it to doc. i'll have my liscense long before he'll be able to get his back (again, i implore you, pay your tickets!), and if that happens, i want the car fixed.

and here is the reason: while the bus route doc takes has just changed and he no longer has to transfer, i still have no bus route that will go to the place i will be getting a part time job. so that car is needed. i'm also damn sick of relying on others to get us to walmart for cat food and litter. the grocery store is no problem, but walmart is too far away.

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