Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now that the hissing has stopped

we have no more piles of papers that need to be gone through and sorted. they're done. filed. the only ones left around are small stashes that will end up filed in my studio. the rest are being burned as we speak.

this is a momentous day for us. to clear through six years of papers from all sorts of places, to narrow it down and organize the leftovers is magnificent. i even have a shoe box with all of the instruction manuals to everything we own.

his room is almost done. a few things i can do tomorrow. like flip the futon and put sheets on the bed and put away his laundry. then we can move into his room while i do mine, and how the trash bags will flow, which reminds me that i need to add those to my shopping list.

and since i'm getting in the habit of doing things when they occur to me, i'm off.

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