Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the cable is out but i can still type here and get this all out, trivial as it is.

i'll need to finish doc's room so we can move in there while i finish my room and the studio.

we took 8 bags and two large boxes of crap out to the dumpster yesterday. that was from doc's room, which had become a random crap storage room. now there is very little to put away. once done, which i guess i can do today, we can move the clocks and such in there, put the futon into its upright position, and have room to put things as i throw more shit away.

we're packrats. duh. and i refuse to move all the shit we have once again, so it has to go. and slowly doc is catching this drive i have to purge. it was hard going at the start and he fought me a lot, but as he sees the results, he lets go a bit.

i need to go on a tidying tour around the house and clean out the VCR cabinet.

i did one major thing in my room and when i went to the closet, realized i would need the room on the bed to do what i wanted and need to do. no problem, just finish doc's room, which i can do on my own because the rest is just organization, no heavy lifting.

and many more trips down to the dumpster.

at the end of each day it is my goal, which i have so far met, to make this house look better and better. and have less and less stuff. and it is really gratifying. the cats have more room to play, and use it more often, hank is even showing signs of losing weight. we've been in the living room more so we've been using the fireplace more, and that room is the best so far out of all of them. we had a couple of people over the other night, and though the drunk one noticed the clutter, there was room for everyone to be comfortable.

okay, so i've written it out and it makes much more sense now.

Day 2

doc forgot to leave me the phone and credit card, so the cable stays off for now.

i took five trips to the dumpster yesterday. i ended up working all over the house and doing copious amounts of laundry. i can almost see doc's bed again. once i can see it, i'll vacuum it and put sheets and a comforter on it. mainly to get them out of the way. then i can put cases on the pillows in there and have a nice looking bed once again.

i'm still at a loss with my studio. i need to get serious about it because i can't work in it right now, it is way too crowded. i know there is stuff i can eliminate, but i am frustrated that it isn't all one location, one problem. it is little things all over that will leave little spaces cleared and ready for other little things.

the medication is doing its thing and i am feeling really good. we even took the bus and went out to dinner on tuesday. i was a bit twitchy, but over all feeling better. soon i anticipate i will be walking up to get my own smokes one day soon. right now my trips to the dumpster to drop off and the stairway back up to the apartment a few times a day is serving as my only excersise, but i have stuck to my slimfast diet really well.

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