Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

insanity is like a padding that keeps the sharp edges of the world away (it also keeps pain in but that is familiar pain), lose even a bit of that padding and the world is going to stab you.

sad, things are fucking tragic. children killed with no one to claim them as missing, this place is a trip on kids. i warn again, move to vegas only if you don't have kids. it isn't worth it to see what they become here.

i know a woman, i've known her for years, and she is pregnant and she is going to be the best mother on the planet. i know that from knowing her, from being her best friend for years. but that is rare.

so, back to the old childfree cydniey. i'm keeping my distance. i can't watch what people do anymore.

on another note, it's good to see my righteous indignation has not suffered from the meds. i just didn't have anything to be indignant about. since that was the core of my writing, i'd hate to lose that.

maybe i went crazyin the first place because i couldn't handle the sharp edges of the world.

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