Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

busy little cydniey

the back porch is clean! today i wash the sliding doors and clear off the work table and that ends that saga. now i can get the three bags of clothing out of my room and into the storage closet. this is a huge accomplishment, and i couldn't have done it without doc's hulking strength.

today i have several trips to the dumpsters to make, and that is SO gratifying. each trip symbolizes one less trip that will have to be made when we move. every trip is more space in my house, it is letting go of things that should have been long gone. it is the most theraputic thing i have done in a long time. once i got the old dining chair off the back porch, there was nothing in this world that was going to make me bring it back in. it went straight to the dumpster yesterday.

the litter boxes are in better places now. i can work at my outdoor work table, which is there for spraying things onto other things . . .

i'm all happy with myself.

oh and i also found my precious dusting wand. i haven't seen others in years, and thought i had lost mine. after a few hundred shakes and a sound washing, it is ready to do its dusty duty today, there is no telling how happy that makes me.

i need large garbage bags. strong ones. i have clothes to get rid of that aren't fit for the thrift store. i've been keeping them as scraps, but i have recently calculated just how much room i have for scraps and a lot of stuff has got to go. i'll only keep what would be most interesting as a book cover. then i will trim of the arms and collars so i have less bulk.

i could go on, and probably should, while i am thinking about it. i go too fast for doc and he is getting ready to leave anyway.

i need to clean out the three drawers of the sideboard in the studio, that is where scraps of fabric will be living: pale, dark, patterned. most of what is in those drawers goes to other places.

and i will clean off the bottom shelf of my entertainment center in my room so i can put the big flat storage box on top of the one that is there and get rid of a lot of mess and clutter.

then i can build a nice fire in the fireplace and burn the papers i am getting rid of while i roll flattened cardboard boxes into logs and tie them with leftover string from making books.

and that is my sunday. it will likely have a farscape background sound, i plan to screen season four again today.

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