Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

getting up early with doc is strange. next week we'll be getting up at 5 so he can be to work by 7. i think at that point i will be going back to bed when he leaves. at least until it starts getting light earlier.

i'm so used to getting up at 11 or noon that i don't know what to do with the morning hours and end up going housewife on this place all morning.

which is what i did yesterday. i ended up crashing for a nap around 2 and stayed asleep until 5-ish. i worried R because i'm always up and around by the second time she comes over.

today it is supposed to be warmer than yesterday and i'm hoping she gets off work early and wants to go to the lake. hee.

today is rent day and that is okay with us. we may actually be learning something from our mistakes. though i still believe that "how to be a financially responsible grown up" is something that should be taught in school. one lousy budgeting class and things could have been so much different. =}

i hate my room, i have to clean it. and i have to get the TV off the thing it is sitting on before said thing gives out. doc will be so happy to help with that when he gets home.

if things keep going this smoothly we'll be able to get the clutch on the car fixed. of course there isn't much point because neither of us can drive right now (pay your tickets, especially here). i need to get my birth certificate and a new social security card before i can go take the driving test. and a car is so expensive . . . insurance, gas, blah. but a four hour commute to a place that is literally 10 minutes from our house is too much for doc for the long term. especially if he is working 12 hour days to begin with. but the longer days will make the car more affordable. and around it goes.

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