Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what a morning!

doc left an hour early for work and he wasn't gone ten minutes when the power was switched off (do not send the power check to the cable company). i grabbed my keys and hauled ass up to the bus stop, but he was already gone. then i checked R's, but she was gone too. then i freaked out a little.

then i got smart and went up to the office and called doc until he picked up. he told me things would be fine, he would take care of it since he was early enough to and not to worry.

so i came home and waited for the inspectors to come by (there is rumor this place is going to be sold for condos, oy) and joked with them, since they couldn't test the smoke alarms because of the power.

then when that was done i curled up in my bed and snuggled Bernerd, my stuffed bear of the year until i awoke to the sound of stuff turning on.

doc is a god once again.

funny story, doc works with pharmacists and has a couple he knows well enough to talk to about my medications, ask questions and stuff. last night, after listing the medications i've been on, the pharmacist commented that doc was a saint to keep up with me and stick around. of course, i already know this. i thought it was cute.

so the inspectioin is done and the power is on and the water for my mac and cheese is boiling.


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