Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i went for my walk. i hit the post office to send off a bracelet that sold last night. then i went to the corner station to get smokes. then i went to the store and got zip loc big bags for my fabric scraps and soda. then i walked home.

i tell myself now that i won't work out today, that the walk with the soda bottles and keeping up with the beat on my CD player will be enough, but i'm sure as soon as i feel better i'll be on the floor making some group of muscles scream at me.

it is such a gorgeous day, the sun came out on my way up the street. my leather blazer was soon too much and i ended up carrying it most of the way.

my newest CD mix is great for walking and keeping it brisk. i've gotten to be a pro at hitting the crossing buttons with my knees. and i don't smoke on my walks. ever. i use all the air i can get.

i think i saw someone i know, and i didn't turn around and check and i may have missed a nice chance to bond with this person. but i was really in my own world and enjoying it.

i want to go down to the strip in the worst way. i want to go to ceasars and see the xmas stuff, maybe even take pictures of it. it has been a while since my last photo vegas tour. i wonder if R would want to go for a couple hours one night.

on another note, wow, people are really starting to come down on bush. good. i've been keeping up with dailykos and i'm not at all happy with my commander in cheif. though i didn't vote for him, he's mine and i hate him. i think his arrogance and attitude have gotten him into trouble. my fear is that it will be swept under the rug. what horrid disaster is going to distract us this time?

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