Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

happy frelling holidays

some idiot at the insurance company changed my name from my last name to doc's last name. how fucking impolite! not only is that not my damn name, it isn't the name that is covered by insurance!!!!!

so now, even though i have medicare, i can't see my doctor because apparently the insurance company owes him thousands of dollars.

now, this is after 8 months of this dispute. every month the insurance company calls my doctor. i call the insurance company, they want to talk to doc since we don't have the same last names. so doc calls. listens to their shit about how we owe them and identifies the problem, switch my name back.

so the bill i just got that i was freaking out how to pay is totally invalid.

getting barred from one's shrink the day before the appointment is so not cool. i still have to go in there and get my meds from their sample closet. that is going to be great, getting eyed by the billing woman because i'm nuts so the insurance company must be right, i never exsisted. except for the three years they covered me under the right name.

and to add to that, the billing woman at the office has done the same thing, perpetuating this by sending in the monthly paperwork with the wrong name on it. is there some reason they have my social security number and don't fucking use it?

god i fucking hate everything right now.

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