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roast beef clubs were a winner with the dinner crowd. tomorrow night i'm roasting some garlic for the (again) rest of the french bread to go with the rest of the pasta sauce (that will get reseasoned and a splash of red wine for a bit of a flavor switch up - i can expect him to eat the tons of food i tend to make only if i can offer something new each time). and i've discovered i'm quite resourceful and it gives me a set time to eat each day, which i know my body will thank me for.

i found out my shrink appointment is friday, not a week from. so only two days on short meds. i'm so happy about that, you just don't know. or maybe you do because i write every little trifling thing down in here.

but who cares? hee.

tonight we're doing the stretch tape together again. it isn't so much quality time as it is mutual motivation. again, i say: hee.

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