Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another stone stepped safely across

so i'm tucked down on the floor with the book case, below the window, so i need my lights on. and i'm working away throwing away singing away and i finish what i am doing and it no longer looks like a meth den that has been searched several times for lost stash.

and still i assemble papers which doc must sift through this weekend. there will be three boxes when i finally gather each pile of papers that has built up around the house. i wish him luck, i've been through all of it for reciepts and insurance and bills. but he is the one that is attatched to all of it, so i'm going to help him after this week of getting rid of stuff and hope my glee over less clutter is contagious.

my closet is next, but before that happens, we need bigger and stronger trash bags, about ten of them. and we will need 8 ziploc big bags (2 packages). we're going to have to go to walmart. i see that now. maybe friday that will happen, he'll have to go out anyway to see the doctor. now that he is covered again i am using it as an excuse to get him healthy.

so my original point was working in here with the lights on, i stepped into the living room and was amazed at the darkness, then i looked at the clock and realized it was after four, so the sun had gone behind the building. great progress from a month ago when i was counting down the minutes until doc got home and then counting more until i could go to bed. i've learned to effectively fill my time!

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