Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

progress at last!!

i got rid of a big bag full of newly labeled crap. use it or ditch it. that's what i say, yep.

the result is an uncluttered bathroom counter and a newly dug out dresser. my closet is going to be a bitch. a true archaelogical dig. the stuff on the lowest level has been there, covered, for five years. hee. not. i'm ready to clean my life out. and i've started instead of getting intimidated by it and it feels so good, i'll keep going. just wait until i get to the cabinet and small closet in the bathroom. i want more shelves for towels and sheets, so a lot of old lotion is going out! also, all the makeup i have is expired long ago, get rid of it!!

and as i work to get thinner, the thin clothes will be washed and put away in storage bags. so when it is time it will be like a holiday, taking the clothes out. luckily i don't buy for fads, i buy for my style, when i can look good in it. so my clothes don't really expire. there will always be badly dressed over-aged punk chicks. i'll always be one of them. but the hippy era clothes? i've got to get rid of all but a couple of peasent skirts that look good with my rollins baby doll tshirts. putting them all away will break my heart, and motivate me even further.

and on that, i was amazed at how fast the time went by as i did the "limited" version of my first workout tape. it is ten minutes of stretching. i'll do that for a week and move up to the leg workouts, then buns, then arms. my abs i know how to work out, change it up every day, pay attention to your "core", yeah yeah yeah. plus getting to the point where i can do 100 situps and 100 pushups because if you have to do it to get into airborne, it must be good.

okay off to move chunky stuff out and get ready for a trip to the dumpster.

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