Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

wherein i talk about noting at all mostly, like i usually do

the strong winds the TV warned us about last night blew out the overcast we'd had the previous couple of days. i don't know what the temp is like, not low since the heat hasn't come on in two days. i believe last night we had the window open for a few hours, even.

i fucked up the online insurance stuff and ended up not being covered until the first of the year, so i get to put off the bus ride to the dentist, which, yay.

i got an email invite to pussykat tattoo's christmas party on the 23rd. part of me really wants to go.

at some point last night doc and i came to the conclusion we must clean out (as in get rid of or eat in one last frenzy) all the crap food we have. then we are changing our diets. i'm looking forward to basmati rice with soy sauce and the slow introduction of vegetables to my diet. i'm also going to try V8 since i need more vegetables than i can see myself eating and starting the day with that was good to the people i've known who have done it. we need to get more fit. losing weight would be nice but not passing out after a too-hot bath would be nicer and i do that too often.

and we're not doing it at the first of the year, we both hate new year resolutions. and i've just recently gotten back into making goals and taking small steps with the end in mind and stuff that generally helps one to think more organized thoughts and be more productive. doc does best with someone taking the wheel, and i can do that with the workout thing. Miss B is pushing him in the work and be responsible area. she's a blessing to both of us, who, it turns out, really like having a 'mommy' around. she's so sweet and we aren't her real kids and she dotes on us as we do on her. i make coffee in the morning and fill her cup . . . she's always so happy. and she yells at me for going outside without socks or shoes. very good relationship.

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