Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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too happy

wow, i even know the words to the scenes that were cut out of my copy of fifth element. i'm good. i'm also glad no one is here because i'm so giddy i can't stop myself saying many of the lines.

then i'm thinking past that and realizing i now have the DVD player hooked up to my stereo in my room, where i spend most of my time (it's the acting living room since i used to be in here on the computer but thanks to who may be the same person that gifted me this DVD, i have another computer in the studio now - oy! christmas is any day around here - i see this now)

okay, so if i get my shit together, i have a tv to hook up to the computer in the studio. and now i can listen to my new christmas CD (all the rockabilly i could find on the theme and a few classics) on my big stereo instead of my computer speakers. the technology domino effect.

this now gives up three remotes in one room but i'm pretty adept at melding two together and the stereo remote has a little slot on my desk so it is never misplaced.

but how does corbin know, as he says to the priest when they meet, that leeloo had no identification that the police could tell? if that is the biggest mistake i can find in this movie . . . all the better. =}

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