Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


canned sauce needs help, or assistance. it needs a lot of oregano, a splash of red wine, and plenty of onions and fresh garlic. doc picked up some premade meatballs in our beloved clearance isle at the grocery. so i put those in to simmer and i'll prep the bread at 6:30, then cook the pasta at 8 and it should all be ready by the time he comes home.

i once, okay, for a long time, thought that i would hit 21 and all the answers would be there for me. how to be an efficient care taker of the household, how to pay taxes, how to budget and keep our financial heads above water. they are still no more clear now than they were then. i've picked up some hints and have taught myself a lot. but in 6 years of marriage, i've never had dinner ready for him when he gets home except for this week.

usually doc cooks for himself. it has taken him a while to get used to my cooking. and i've just discovered i haven't lost my touch in the kitchen. plus the food i eat is cheaper, since i don't eat a lot of meat. so he's been getting used to my cooking.

tomorrow do i replay the spanikopita, or go for the BLTs on whole wheat? i won't know until i cook it.

that adds something very special and important to my day. i need a schedule and have been really bad about making one. this helps me organize a couple hours.

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