Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i just did pice three in the collage series i was doing. it has been weeks since i did something artistic. i was shaking almost the whole time. but the three collages look so good clustered together, it was worth the anxiety to create it. i can't wait to find a place to put them. eventually i'll have enough pieces that i can make a portfolio.

meanwhile the walls fill with art. i love it. i wish i could afford to support all the artists i like. i can always find more wall space. i have a poster and cloth hanging from my comic book days hanging in my hallway that can be taken down and stored to make room to hang more. meanwhile i've gotten some ATCs from trading that i plan to frame in some matching wire frames and hang. ATCs are the only form of art i can support, since i have a bunch made and occasionally make more in fits and batches for trading.

i have so much to do on the computer, i really need to make a list so i have it in front of me so it gets done.

i will also take this chance to remind you that i still make and sell blank journals and jewelry, and kam316's is affordable and available, all at my ebay store. new art and journals and pride jewelry will be available this week, but there is still plenty there to choose from.

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