Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


yeah. what a weekend. tomorrow is my monday, as i say every week. now that my medication is at optimal, i will be able to do the list of things on my list that have got to be done online and on the computer.

i can't believe how much better i feel. and not just because i have a nice buzz right now. in general things are better.

i've also started to lose weight again. i credit the deliciousness of bagels and their inspiring me to have breakfast to get my metabolism going. plus tonight R and i decided we need to walk together with her dog that is chubby. she's skinny, so i don't know what she is worried about but it's great for me, so i'm not complaining at all.

i'm hoping now that we have to pay $50 to use the gym and pool and hot tub after the office closes, they will replace the treadmill. then i can go up . . . during the day, i'm not paying for night time use unless the hot tub is kept hot consistently, which it hasn't been for the past two years, which is a bummer, i miss the nightly trips up there.

i'm likely not even making sense anymore, i'm going to go mess with doc for a giggle and watch some comedy and laugh my buzzed ass off.

have a good night.

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