Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

note to self, mostly

dividing up the meds not so good. not bad, just not anything like taking them together in the morning. i got motivated but didn't stay that way. plus i've been restless, and that isn't cool.needing to take a xanax before it turns to frustration restless. it could be the day's good news but i can't sit still and i am counting down until doc's return again.

there is not enough cannabis on this planet to chill me the fuck out. just long enough to read a chapter. or maybe long enough to watch a movie, i have most of my favorite movies here with me. i just can't deal. in a way i feel like the tv, live, through cable, i feel connected to the real world. movies on video or DVD make me uneasy, disconnect me (i know, i need to unplug altogether - i do that the days my cable is shut off). so i memorize every possible thing i could like on tv and switch back and forth between the show and news, but i don't ever watch it, i read the news, too.

okay, this is starting to reveal a bit too much.

jack is developing as a domesticated cat. he has learned the best time for lovin' is as we wake up, so he is there with the alarm clock in the mornings. he's also started sleeping on the corner of the bed in rotation with the others. soon he'll mellow out enough to ignore chloe's constantly taunting him and will, in effect, be the perfect kitty. we're so lucky. our beasties are uncommonly good creatures who get along and don't mess with each other's lives. even jack in his kittendom had only a couple of incidents with the hamster cage before getting that it isn't his thing. he now watches the hamster run with the same detatchment as the others, as well. i love that little kitty.
Tags: head case, jack

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