Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i cleaned the studio and put things away! i can work in there again. i found a container that would hold all my found collage stuff that can't easily be filed. of course there is no room in the studio for it, so i have it in my room with some cardboard "canvases", so when i am uninspired and greatly bored i can pick out pieces to use while i watch tv.

heh, i forget i can watch tv from the studio. i forget entirely about that. there's a dvd player hooked up, even. we have the godfather box set and gigi on dvd. we had once borrowed my favorite repeater, 5th element from a friend. we gave it back and he didn't even notice. heh. we could have kept it safe for him.

i remembered to take the noon meds, thanks to a post it on my monitor. so in a little while i should get a second wind from it. i know that soon enough the levels of the drugs in my blood will even out, but until then i plan to ride the highs wherever i can. cleaning the studio was good, using it will be better. i even have a cam set up in there and ready to go live. everything is ready for this block to dissolve or be pounded through by me.

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